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Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 in Photos.

OK, the beauty of a New a new day...we have the opportunity to Try it define for yourself what "IT" will be. Besides trying to make my fortune...I will try again to document 2011 for 365 day in pictures.
My next post will be a layout with photos from the first week of 2011.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hangin out with my Little Boyfriend!


AT the BOY Bubble Fountain...his favorite place!
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It is so hard to believe that I have been taking care of this little lad since he was 9 weeks old. Next week he toddles off to preschool! Roman is a joy and a pleasure to be with. He is funny, smart and happy plus, he likes me to come and play! Time with Roman is so simple. I dont think about anything but him, and what he likes and wants to do. An evening can be just trippin around the backyard, blowing bubbles, eating a grilled cheese sandwich, watching Yo Gabba Gabba, singing to Lady Bug music, reading books, lots of giggling....simple pleasures. Thank you Roman for letting me be a part of your world!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Bit of Catch up...

I am not so great at posting everyday...but I still take pictures and will still share with anyone who is remotely interested.
I really love taking pics of my animals and occasionally get a good one. The kids are easier to get a good shot cause  mostly they are cute just doing nothing at all. 

Monday, February 1, 2010

day 30-& 31Put another candle on his birthday 31...reality check

Happy Happy 21st birthday to my son Adam. I had the pleasure of spending the evening with him, just us 2...That was so meaningful for me. I often feel like the parent my younger sons are obliged to spent time with. I am sure that is totally 'my' insecurity and not their reality. Anyway, prior to Christmas, Adam called me and told me Eddie Izzard was performing in town. He presented me with a proposition that he would get me a ticket for my December birthday and then I would in turn give him a ticket for his January birthday. Great plan Adam! I spread the word among his other brothers and Jeremy and Joshua jumped on board. Other than some cash or a video game, they are at a loss to get anything special for Adam. I shopped eBay and scored some great tickets.

I took Adam to eat baby back ribs at Tony Romas...where we had dessert first, a hot fudge brownie sundae. Off to the Nokia to see Eddie where we laughed till we cried. It was a wonderful way to celebrate his birthday.

day 31, The Sunday paper had one of my favorite comic strip characters, Jeremy or Zits, wishing his mom would stop starring at him like that! It was exactly the way I looked at Adam the night before as I realized he was a man. How many moms out there get this same de' ja vu...

day 32...
my beautiful baby girl in her new dress. Here wardrobe is much grander than mine. I love this little doggie so much. She provides me with endless joy. Thank you Aly Claire for being wonderful therapy for your silly mommy!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

days 23, 24, 25, 26...the days run together anymore

day 23....
I snapped this literally as I was driving home...a break in the rain...look at this beautiful sky. Grabbed the camera from my purse and snapped over and over as I drove. I have a real connection with clouds. I enjoy them, gaze at them and photograph them often. The patterns, the colors and the textures of clouds just transfix me soul. Cheezy but true!

day 24...

This is my cute little British hubby, British is that? He has the most incredible blue eyes which he has passed down to his Grand daughters! We just celebrated our 6th anniversary this month. Presently, we are sort of like ships that pass in the night, or early afternoon as it were. I work days and he works midday to midnight. Since I went back to college, we haven't had much opportunity to hang out together. I miss the companionship but I suppose someday we will be sitting in rocking chairs with nothing to do but sit together!!!

day 25...

This is the tree in our quad at school/work. It really tells of the seasons and I appreciate that living in Southern California. The sun was peeking through the bare branches, the clear blue sky and a smattering of clouds made for a beautiful backdrop to the afternoon. The air was crisp and cool but a nice change from all of the rain we have 'enjoyed'.

day 26....

So this is me...boy am I showing my age...damn it! I am fighting it with every fiber of my being. Currently letting my usually short hair grow out. I am planning on cutting it when my youngest son graduates high school in May. Hopefully it will be long enough (10 inches) to donate to Locks of Love. If it is not...I will wait for a few more months until it is. That was my original goal but I though it would be sort of a passage of my new station in life, all boys technically grown and out of the nest. Cutting my hair as a symbol of cutting the apron strings...but never, never the heart strings.